Motorcyclists have at least 30 times the likelihood of being involved in fatal crashes than their vehicle-driving counterparts.

Car crash fatalities have significantly been reduced in the past few decades. One of the reasons this has occurred is because new safety features, including airbags, seat belts, reinforced manufacturing and on-board warning systems, have been added to them.

Significantly less time and effort has gone into making motorcycles more safe though. An Israeli company, Autotalks, believes they might have finally found a way to keep motorcyclists safe though.

Autotalks previously released a car-to-car WiFi enabled communications software. It has made it possible for cars with similarly installed programs to alert one another of potentially dangerous driving conditions or drivers within a certain distance of them, even if they’re outside of their sight. This can allow a motorist to take necessary precautions to avoid a crash.

They’ve recently adapted this software to create a bike-car, or B2V, system that they’re slated to start testing on Ducati sports bikes this year. So far, it’s garnered them a lot of attention. It’s small, light and uses very little power, all necessary considerations that ensure it won’t detract from the overall look or performance of the bike.

Much like the car-to-car system, it alerts motorcyclists of vehicles heading in their direction, including their speed and if they’re braking. If the software detects that a biker might be in peril of being struck, then the software will begin sending both visual and audio warnings to the motorcyclist to warn him or her.

Preliminary evidence suggests that this system could reduce as much as 33 of all fatal motorcycle crashes. It’s, however, only possible to achieve such success if virtually every car is installed with the same technology. Without all cars having it, many cars that pose danger to motorists will go undetected. The passing of a government mandate requiring all vehicles to have this technology would be necessary for this to happen.

While this technology is promising, government mandates that would be needed to ensure motorcyclists are protected from becoming involved in crashes could take years to get approved. Unfortunately, many motorcyclists will be hurt or lose their lives during this time.

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