Street racing culture in Southern California has always had a strong following. Popularized in movies such as the “Fast and Furious” franchise and various video games, the pervasive subculture has seen new life in social media. Drivers and fans alike use various social media channels to spread videos of vehicles racing as well as locations of races. Unfortunately, without proper safety measures, training and racetracks for drivers to show off their skillsets, fatalities occur far too often. Drivers, passengers, spectators and bystanders are put at risk during races.

Fatal Crash This Month in Northridge

On October 6th, 4 people were killed in an accident believed to cause by street racing. The driver of the BMW lost control of vehicle, hit a light pole after entering oncoming traffic, eventually striking a nearby tree. The speed at which the car struck the tree dislodged the engine from its compartment and left the vehicle in flaming rubble.

Drive Defensively At All Times

While driving, check your surroundings for vehicles rapidly approaching. Street racers often drive recklessly with excessive speed. Report reckless drivers to local authorities to help police track down dangerous drivers and prevent further fatalities. These accidents are entirely preventable if drivers use highways and city streets at reasonable and safe speeds.