A deputy sheriff, dispatched to an emergency call, struck another car before crashing into several others on both the sidewalk and in the crosswalk on Nov. 18. The accident seriously injured several of the pedestrians and resulted in the deaths of two boys.

A spokesperson with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that the deputy was traveling to check up on reports of that an individual had been shot elsewhere in the area when the crash occurred.

A preliminary investigation into the crash has not established whether or not the deputy had been utilizing his siren or emergency lights at the time he struck the car and pedestrians.

At least one witness interviewed noted that she saw the deputy’s speeding SUV only activate his emergency lights only at the last second as he was entering the intersection. She noted that, with the speed the deputy was going and based on when the lights or siren were turn on, there was far too little time for pedestrians to respond by getting out of the way.

That same witness reportedly told police that she ran to the aid of the mom with the two kids when she saw the crash occur. She noted that she saw the woman attempting to pick herself up off the ground, but that she was struggling to do so. It’s then that she looked over and saw the boys’ legs protruding from underneath the officer’s SUV.

By the time emergency crews arrived on the scene, the 7-year-old brother had expired. The decedent’s 9-year-old brother was transported to an area hospital with critical injuries. It’s after arriving there that he too passed away. The mom of the boys was admitted to the hosptial in critical condition.

Investigators working the crash scene pulled surveillance footage from a liquor store in the area. A police spokesperson reports that it shows the deputy’s vehicle with its emergency lights illuminated. He’s seen driving along the sidewalk where the mom and her sons had been walking. It then shows both a trash can and a pedestrian being struck before sliding off the hood of the SUV.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, then a Los Angeles attorney may advise you of your rights to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the crash.

Source: Time, “‘All I see is little legs.’ 2 boys killed on sidewalk as crash sends police car off road,” Nov. 18, 2017