A wrongful death lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, Oct. 23 against a Metro Bus driver, her employer, and Caltrans. In the filing, a 13-year-old Redondo Beach girl’s parents allege that negligence on behalf of each of the defendants resulted in her bicycle accident death.

The lawsuit chronicles how the young teen had been out riding her bike along her friend during the early evening hours on May 5. She had been riding eastbound along Knob Hill Avenue when she arrived at its intersection with the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

As the girls were waiting to cross the PCH, it’s reported that the decedent’s bike rolled out into the southbound portion of the roadway. It’s then that she was struck by the Metro Bus.

The girl’s parents decided to sue the bus driver after determining that she would have had clear visibility of the both the girl and her friend long before approaching the intersection where she was struck. They note that she should have taken additional precautions to avoid hitting her. The family contends that the fact the bus driver struck her sends a message that she must have been distracted at the time.

As for reason they’re suing Caltrans, that’s because they noted that the intersection was designed to be unsafe. The girl’s family expressed particular concern over the northwestern curb the girl had been standing on with her bicycle at the time it rolled into the street. They noted that it was designed to carry pedestrians into the street instead of into a crosswalk.

Another problem with the intersection’s design is the width of lane number two, where the girl was struck. It was supposed to measure 12 feet in width. In this case, though, it was found to have measured just 10.5. The family contends that the crosswalk at this intersection was not properly marked either.

This latest wrongful death filing is the third of its kind filed in Redondo Beach during the past few years. Previous cases also accused the Caltrans of having given the green light on poor intersection designs along the PCH, circumstances which have lead to numerous pedestrian deaths.

If your loved one died after having been involved in a bicycle accident, then a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney can advise you of your right to file a claim for damages in your legal matter.

Source: Daily Breeze, “Parents of 13-year-old girl killed by bus in Redondo Beach sue for negligence,” Megan Barnes, Oct. 24, 2017