While the child was uninjured in the pedestrian accident that occurred earlier this year, Caroline Maurer, the care taker, broke bones in her hands, wrists and arms. A driver made a left turn through a four way stop sign after failing to stop at the crosswalk. While the nanny pushing her stroller yelled stop, the driver failed to notice the pair before colliding in the pedestrian crossing. As Maurer recounted the accident, she explains, “Fox was strapped in and I couldn’t get him out.” The 2 year old was strapped in his stroller at the time of the accident and Maurer could not free the child due to the injuries she sustained to her hands and wrists. The paramedics on scene told the parents that Maurer had saved the child’s life by placing herself between the stroller and the oncoming vehicle.

These stories of heroism serve to remind everyone how quickly this situation could have changed. If Caroline had been using her phone while crossing the road, the toddler might not be with us today. While the accident would not have been her fault by any means, the collision could have been fatal. It is important to remember to stay alert while crossing the road, even if you have the clear right of way.