The City of Los Angeles has released some guidelines as part of their LADOT Bike Program that they have determined could greatly reduce the incidence rate of bike crashes among area residents.

First, they note that it’s always recommended that bicyclists wear both reflective clothing and a helmet when planning to take to the road.

They also note that it’s important that bicyclists check their bikes to ensure that they are in good repair prior to taking off. Some of the critical parts of the bike that they argue it’s important for the bicyclist to review include its braking system, air pressure, seat positioning and chains.

Although not required, they recommend that riders equip their bikes with as many safety features as possible. Among the features that they recommend, they include mirrors, fenders, horns and racks. They note that city regulations require all bicyclists to use both front and rear lights when riding their bikes as well.

Once on the road, they note that bicyclists can greatly reduce the chance that they’ll become involved in a bike accident by traveling in the same direction with other traffic. They note that bikers traveling in the opposing direction of traffic often are hard for motorist to see, especially as they pass by driveways or through intersections.

Another recommendation they make is for bicyclists to never attempt to make a right hand turn while alongside another motorist also turning right. They note that cars often cannot see bicyclists when this occurs.

They also suggest that bikers should avoid bopping and weaving in and out of traffic as this can make it difficult to maintain visibility of them. They should also maintain a solid distance of up to five feet between them and cars at all times. Additionally, when moving about, it’s a good practice to get into the habit of always using proper hand gestures.

As for some hazards to be on the lookout for, they note that common ones are stray dogs, road obstructions and slippery roadways. If these can be avoided, then you can greatly reduce your risk of a bike crash.

If you’ve been seriously injured while riding your bike out on one of City of Angels’ streets, then a Los Angeles bike accident attorney can advise you of your right to file an injury lawsuit in your case.

Source: City of Los Angeles, “Anatomy of a Safe Bike,” accessed Nov. 10, 2017