With construction starting as early as 2018, Union station will make improvements to its pedestrian and bicycle access. Union Station will have a bicycle hub capable of storing almost 200 bicycles. The lockers and racks can be rented at rates of $5 per week or up to $60 per year. Additionally, wider sidewalks and bike paths will be installed to allow for greater foot traffic around Union Station and safer access through the Alameda Street entrance. Currently, LA Metro does not have train cars dedicated to transporting bicycles, making travel by bike inconvenient.

Ideally, these improvements will allow more patrons to access the expanding LA metro grid. While bicycle lanes have become a divisive topic for Los Angeles officials, accommodating cyclists to store their bikes safely during the day should not be so controversial; especially given these locker systems should reduce the crowding of bikes on metro passenger cars. Without an efficient way to bring bikes on to crowded cars, cyclists were often left without options when commuting. As the transit in Los Angeles becomes more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, we may see less traffic on our roadways and highways. Plans to renovate the area around Union Station will be finalized following the environmental study.