While using your bicycle to get around may be the best option if you live in a high traffic-area and want to maneuver through traffic quickly, it’s not known as the safest method of transportation. Bicyclists may be difficult for most motorists to see, especially at night. Oftentimes, motorists think they have the right of way over them, even if they’re really supposed to be sharing the road with them instead.

Research shows that most bicyclists are injured when struck by drivers opening their car doors right in front of them or by motorists that fail to keep a safe distance from them.

Much like the responsibility that a motorist has to keep their car in safe working order, bicyclists should also take time to regularly inspect their bikes to ensure that they’re sound enough to be on the road. This includes making sure that the brakes are working, tires are inflated and lights are burning bright, especially during evening hours.

If you fail to maintain your bike, then you could be held a least partially liable for causing your own injuries, even if someone else struck you.

As a bicyclist, you should always act as if you’re a motorist driving a car when it comes to yielding, stop signs or red lights. You should also ride along in the same direction as the rest of the traffic and never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Although it’s only mandatory to wear a bike helmet in 29 states across the country and only those 17 and under are required to wear one in Caliornia, it’s always recommended that you wear one. Blunt force trauma, also known as a head injury, is commonplace in more serious bike accidents. Wearning a helmet can mean the difference between you suffering a brain or other life-altering injury or not.

Doing your part to ensure that you’re properly maintaining your bike and adhering to the rules of the road, you’ll be less likely to get involved in a dangerous car crash. If you’ve been injured after having been struck by a motorist, then a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney can advise you of your rights in your case.

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