A 21-year-old Los Angeles man lost his life in a motorcycle crash on Monday, Dec. 25. A spokesperson with the Gardena Police Department has announced that a 24-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the man’s death.

Police first started receiving calls of crash involving a motorcycle near the intersection between Gardena Boulevard and Western Avenue shortly before 12:15 p.m., that same day. Witnesses at the crash scene reported having seen both the motorcyclist and driver of an Infiniti Q50 involved in a dispute while each was manning their own vehicles immediately before the crash.

Apparently, the dispute became so heated at one point that the two vehicles collided with each other. It’s soon after that crash that both motorists swerved before coming to rest inside of store’s front windows, located at 16500 Western Avenue.

By the time police officers arrived on the scene, paramedics with Fire Department of Los Angeles County had already begun treating the motorcyclist. Once stabilized, they placed him into an ambulance and transported him to an area hospital. By the time he arrived there, he was in critical condition. He died soon thereafter.

Officers remained at the scene investigating the crash. It didn’t take long before they placed the Infiniti’s owner under arrest. He was booked into the Los Angeles County Jail on a murder charge. Bail was set at $2 million.

In this case, it’s believed that what began as an act of road rage spiraled out-of-control, ultimately resulting in the young motorcyclist’s death.

On Southern California’s busy roadways, road rage is far too common, especially as motorists endure bumper-to-bumper traffic for extended periods of time. If your family member has been killed in either a motorcycle or bicycle crash, then a Los Angeles fatal motor vehicle accident attorney can advise you of your legal rights in your case.

Source: NBC 4 Los Angeles, “Victim identified in fatal road rage crash into Gardena storefront,” Dec. 25, 2017