A new study recently conducted by Canadian researchers suggests that motorcyclists have a greater likelihood of becoming involved in fatal crashes. Data also indicated just how much higher the medical bills tend to be when someone is injured in an automobile collision.

Researchers note that the likelihood that motorcyclists would suffer more significant injuries if involved in a collision while on their bikes has long been known. They note, however, that it’s only through their research that the true value associated with those injuries has been identified.

In the case of this most recent study, researchers were able to learn that motorcyclists had three times the likelihood of suffering injuries in car crashes than car drivers. As for the most severe type of injuries, motorcyclists were found to be exposed to 10 times the risk of car drivers.

Perhaps because of the severity of injuries motorcyclists face, the researchers also found that treating them was at least double the cost of what car drivers faced. As an example, they noted that in the case of a crash, a motorcyclist was likely to amass bills amounting to as much as $4,500. In comparison, a car accident victim was likely to only have to pay just under $3,000.

Regarding safety, the researchers also pointed out that on an annual basis, whereas just over 700 of every 100,000 car drivers are injured in car accidents, at least three times that amount are hurt in motorcycle collisions.

In terms of the injury rate disparity, the researchers note that helmets have been shown to go a long way in protecting motorcyclists’ heads from injury. They note that little improvements have been made in terms of protecting them from some of the more common biker injuries, however.

In Los Angeles, where traffic is constantly a problem, it’s likely that motorcyclists will be faced with additional factors that may increase their risk of becoming injured in a crash. If you’ve been struck while riding your cycle on one of the city’s roadways, a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney may advise you of your right to sue for damages.

Source: Reuters, “Motorcycle crashes cause far more severe injuries than car accidents,” Lisa Rapaport, accessed Dec. 29, 2017