We’re all aware that motorcyclists are at significantly more risk of becoming involved in a potentially fatal crash than their automobile-driving counterparts. What many lack an understanding of, though, is why.

It mostly has to do with motorcyclists having little to no protection between themselves, other motorists and the road. There’s no wonder why so many motorcyclists who become involved in crashes suffer pretty serious injuries or die.

There are quite a bit of shocking statistics out there surrounding motorcycle crashes. First, motorcyclists are at least 26 times as likely to lose their lives in a fatal motorcycle crash than they are in car accident. Motorcyclists are at least five times more likely to suffer injuries than their automobile-riding counterparts if they’re involved in a crash.

Another staggering statistic is that since 1999, the number of fatal crashes among either pickup truck or sedan drivers or occupants has declined, but the same can’t be said about motorcycle accidents. During that same time frame, the motorcycle crash fatality rate has doubled.

Studies have shown that motorcyclists are rarely to blame for the crashes they become involved in. Data shows that most motorcycle crashes are actually caused by car drivers. In at least two-thirds of all crashes involving motorcycles, it’s later found that a motorist cut the biker off, causing the crash.

In cases in which motorcyclists do contribute to causing their own accidents, there are generally four primary reasons they occur. Motorcycle crashes are most likely to occur among those who are inexperienced in operating their bikes. Distracted motorcyclists who strike road hazards like puddles, potholes and debris are at great risk for being hurt or killed as well.

Motorcyclists that fail to dress in reflective clothing to make themselves more visible are likely to not be seen by motorists, causing them to be crashed into. In some instances, motorcyclists driving at high rates of speed, especially if there’s a rear end misalignment or defect, may result in the motorcyclist losing control of his or her bike.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a crash while he or she was riding his or her motorcycle, then a Los Angeles attorney can advise you of your right to file a wrongful death suit in your case.

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