A 57-year-old motorcyclist was struck and killed by a driver who was apparently driving his pickup truck in the wrong direction down the 405 Freeway right before 3 a.m., on Sunday morning, Feb. 4. The fatal crash occurred in one of the highway’s southbound lanes right between the Crenshaw and Artesia Boulevard exits in Torrance.

Firefighters from Torrance were among the first emergency responders to arrive at the crash scene. As they approached the scene, they noticed both car and motorcycle parts strewn about the freeway for some 200 yards. As they reached the area where both the pickup driver and motorcyclist had collided, they worked quickly to put out the fire that had ignited from the impact.

By the time the fire had been fully put out, all that remained of what used to be the decedent’s Harley Davidson was a charred and mangled mess of a motorcycle. The Dodge pickup remained largely intact aside from extensive damage to its left front end and driver’s side quarter panel.

When California Highway Patrol (CHP) investigators arrived at the scene, they found the driver’s side portion of the pickup snug next to one of the highway’s sound walls. It was turned in the northbound direction in a southbound lane of traffic. This lead investigators to conclude that the pickup’s driver had apparently been driving in the wrong direction immediately prior to causing the crash.

The pickup’s 22-year-old driver was transported by ambulance from the crash scene to Harbor UCLA Medical Center suffering from minor injuries. The San Diego native was later arrested and charged for his role in causing the crash, although it’s not yet clear what charges he faces.

A CHP spokesperson did release a public statement, however, acknowledging that investigators had reason to suspect that he may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.

If you’ve lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash at the hands of a drunk driver, then a Los Angeles attorney may advise you to file a wrongful death lawsuit in your case.

Source: KTLA, “Suspected DUI driver arrested after motorcyclist killed in wrong-way crash on 405 freeway in Torrance,” Erica Martin, Feb. 04, 2018