It’s easy to become distracted on the road when drivers focus on technology or their busy lives, instead of what’s in front of them. There are three kinds of distracted driving: visual, manual, and cognitive. Read about these distractions learn how to avoid them and stay safe and focused on the road.

Visual distractions are the most common.

A visual distraction is anything that takes the driver’s eye off the road. This can include cell phone use, a disruptive passenger, bright light from a screen, a GPS etc. This can be effectively avoided when drivers do not use their cell phones or other devices while driving. The driver should place their cell phone in a spot where they won’t be tempted to reach for it.

Manual distractions go hand in hand with visual distractions.

Manual distractions are similar to visual ones, however these involve the physical handling of different technologies. This includes cell phones, GPS, and car systems with screens and other technologies available while driving. It is important to be wary of the consequences of using technologies while on the road. It seems easy to multitask, however a driver puts their life, as well as others’ lives at risk when they try to do this. The text can wait, don’t jeopardize safety on the road.

To avoid manual distractions, be sure to enter the destination into the GPS before the trip begins. Also place technological devices in a spot away from the driver’s seat so there is no temptation to use the device. Make sure that there is no reason to use the car’s technology systems while driving. Set up everything before beginning the trip to minimize distractions.

Cognitive distractions can be the most dangerous.

When a driver focuses on other thoughts running through their mind, it is easy to be mesmerized and forget about the road. This can be incredibly dangerous because a driver’s mind is elsewhere, but they are traveling at a fast pace on the road. When a driver’s mind is wandering, they are not paying attention to what’s ahead of them. This can cause a potentially fatal accident.

As a driver, it is important to be ready for any kind of situation on the road. Whether it’s a pedestrian or something else in the road, it is important to be ready to navigate out of a potentially dangerous situation. To avoid cognitive distractions, be sure to drive while feeling awake and alert. Focus on driving the vehicle and getting to the destination safely.

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