Despite how unsafe many non-motorcyclists suggest that motorcycles are, they actually are equipped with a number of different design or safety features aimed at reducing the potential for crashes.

One of perhaps the greatest features motorcycles have is their lack of blind spots. A motorcyclist could look around themselves at a 360-degree angle and experience a completely obstruction-free visual field around him or her.

Motorists who drive cars experience far less than that. Motorcycles are also known for having enormously responsive brakes to complement their particularly grippy tires. They also tend to be more precise when it comes to steering them as well.

If motorcyclists were the only ones out on the road, then the safety features that their bikes have would likely result in them being injured or killed far less than they are. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, though. Car drivers are the biggest threat for motorcyclists.

One of the more common types of crashes that tend to disable motorcyclists are when cars make left turns out in front of them. Motorcyclists can greatly reduce their risk of becoming involved in such a crash if they constantly scan the area ahead of them for speeding or anxious motorists or light changes.

Motorcyclists often are injured when they take turns at too high of a rate of speed, often coaxed by another aggressive motorist behind them. Coming upon gravel or sand on blind turns can easily result in you losing tire traction and thus you falling off your bike. If you make too wide of a turn on your motorcycle, then you may end up hitting a curb or light post, also causing you to become injured.

Another common reason motorcyclists get struck is because a driver changes lanes, crashing into them. During the course of accident investigations, police often hear from motorists that they didn’t see the motorcyclist before they switched lanes. Many experts believed that the narrow profile of a motorcycle makes it difficult for motorists to see.

Most safety experts warn that the only way that motorcyclists can avoid this type of crash is to constantly scan the roadway for drifting drivers, turn signals and other behaviors indicative of an imminent lane change.

If you’ve suffered debilitating injuries after having been struck while out on your bike, then a Los Angeles attorney can advise you of your right to recover damages in your case.

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