A recently published National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study shows that Los Angeles is the deadliest county in all of Southern California. The most recent data compiled by the NHTSA from 2016 shows that there were at least 794 deadly car crashes in the one county alone that one year.

All other counties with a significant number of fatalities in the southern portion of the state had more than 500 less fatalities each that same year. Riverside County had 262, San Bernardino has 256, San Diego had 239 and Orange County had 189.

The data also shows that of the over 36,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents that occurred in the United States as a whole that year, a staggering 10 percent of them occurred in the state of California.

Most state and local data would indicate that the Los Angeles neighborhood of Northridge is perhaps one of the deadliest cities for car crashes. Its Reseda Boulevard and Devonshire Street intersection apparently sees more fatal motor vehicle accidents than any other one in that city.

Many traffic safety experts hypothesize that Los Angeles County sees nearly three times the amount of fatal crashes over what other counties see because off its sheer population density. It’s clearly the most populous county in the region.

Traffic safety experts suggest that speed is a big factor that often results in these crashes occurring. They note that motorists speed on city streets as if they were driving down the freeway. As for Northridge, many local residents note that the area is overly congested, especially when California State University-Northridge is in session and 35,000 students are on campus any given day.

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Source: CBS Los Angeles, “Southern California leads state in deadly car crashes,” May 06, 2018