Electric scooters are being added to the mix of dangers on the roads. Companies such as Bird Rides Inc. and Lime-S have created these electric scooters that essentially anyone can unlock and ride. This inexpensive mode of transportation serves as a tourist attraction in many cities. The scooter costs 15 cents per minute, when unlocked for one dollar via a smartphone app. Although this attraction may seem exciting, they pose new dangers for both riders and drivers on the road.

There are no true regulations for electric scooters.

Watch out for these vehicles on the road, as the drivers are not necessarily qualified. Drivers must be at least 18 years old with a valid license, but there are few rules after this. Some social media posts show riders without helmets, which poses a threat to the riders’ safety in the event of an accident. These electric scooters can reach 15 MPH and should require helmet use.

Drivers are not accustomed to being wary of scooters.

Drivers are not used to looking out for people on scooters while driving on busy roads. Although a driver should always be aware of his or her surroundings, this new vehicle added to the equation can be confusing and catch the driver off guard. The scooters have no real protection for the person riding it, other than a helmet that may or may not be worn be the rider. This poses safety threats that lead to potentially fatal accidents.

Electric scooter lawsuits are only at the beginning.

There have already been several injuries involving electric scooters. A 16-year-old boy was injured falling off of a Bird Rides Inc. scooter, and his family wanted to make a claim. The companies creating the scooters are at risk for many lawsuits. Those who are injured either falling off of the scooter, or who have a collision with another vehicle are candidates for claims. The electric scooter craze will put these types of accidents on the radar for personal injury lawyers.

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