The 55-year-old Norwalk man, who is suspected of having caused a hit-and-run motorcycle crash just before 6 a.m., on Tuesday, May 29, has been identified. The incident, which occurred nearby the intersection of Pioneer Boulevard and the 5 Freeway in Norwalk, left the struck motorcyclists with undisclosed critical injuries.

According to witness reports, the motorcyclist had apparently been traveling down Pioneer Boulevard that morning at the same time the suspect’s white van came barreling out of the convenience store parking lot.

The van’s driver was apparently going full speed as he left the store’s driveway. This gave the motorcyclist very little time to brake to avoid a collision.

Witnesses reported seeing the victim clip the rear portion of the defendant’s van before being ejected from his bike. The motorist drove away from the crash scene northbound down Pioneer without checking on the victim or answering to police.

It took police a week to identify the man who’s alleged to have caused the crash. They’d combed through the surveillance footage from inside the convenience store that showed the man leaving in the moments before the crash in hopes of identifying him.

Ultimately, police released a screen shot of him from the store, noting that he was a Latino male with a grey mustache, in his early to mid-50s and of both average build and height. They also noted that he was wearing a JB Landscape shirt immediately prior to the crash.

By the following day, a police spokesperson announced that a concerned citizen had contacted them, providing details about the whereabouts of the suspect’s van. Police ultimately located the vehicle in Anaheim. It’s unclear if it still had significant rear-end damage by the time it was found.

As for the victim in this case, police say that he’s expected to survive his injuries.

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Source: NBC 4 Los Angeles, “Suspect sought after hit-and-run causes motorcyclist to be ejected,” June 02, 2018