Although most of us might think that divided highways are perhaps the most crash prone areas, they’re not. Despite having heavy congestion and motorists driving at high speeds while constantly changing lanes to pass slower drivers, they tend to be the one place where the least number of crashes occur. 

Perhaps one of the most dangerous times to be driving down a highway is when someone attempts to merge into your lane. Collisions often occur as motorists attempt to do this either because they’re distracted or they don’t look before changing lanes.

Another reason motorists crash on highways is because they don’t make note of other drivers slamming on their brakes due to a hazard entering their path. Abrupt movements or spontaneous lane changes often lead to crashes occurring as well. One of the best ways you can ensure that you don’t become party to a pile up is to constantly scan the roadway in front of you for hints that something like this is going to occur.

Drivers can reduce their car crash risk on the interstate by simply making sure that they can clearly be seen in other motorists’ mirrors and windows. If you can see yourself in these, then you’re likely not in another driver’s blind spot and they can see you.

Also, it’s important for you to look very quickly over your own shoulder to confirm that you’re not missing anyone in your own blind spot, especially as you change lanes.

Maintaining a safe distance between you and the person in front of you is important. It’s just as critical, though, for you to keep an eye for tailgaters driving behind you. If you notice them, then you may want to reduce your speed. Doing so will give you a better opportunity to easily stop or get around any hazards that may dart out in front of you.

When driving on highways, motorists can avoid crashes by remaining vigilant for falling debris from other vehicles and by simply remaining alert for slow downs and other potential obstructions that may be in the roadway.

Crashes that occur on interstates often cause serious injuries or are fatal. If you’ve been hurt in one because of someone else’s negligence, then a Los Angeles attorney can guide you in filing an injury lawsuit in your case.

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