Academy Award winner, George Clooney was released from Olbia Hospital in Italy following a motorcycle injury that launched him from his bike. In the collision, Clooney crashed through a windshield and cracked his helmet. While the paramedics did perform first aid for non-life threatening injuries, Clooney was taken to the local hospital for further evaluation. Clooney had a previous motorcycle accident in 2007 in which he suffered a broken rib while his girlfriend at the time, Sarah Larson, broke her foot. 

Motorcyclists know that accidents happen. Those in the riding community have heard countless stories of narrow escapes with various motor vehicles. Riding without a helmet and other safety equipment only puts you at further risk of injury in the case of an accident. Proper clothing or body armor can prevent against road rash and other serious injuries incurred when your body hits the asphalt. However, even with all the best gear in the world, your ability to ride defensively and recognize dangerous situations on the road is your most valuable tool. Riding with proper spacing, controlled speed and properly fitted safety equipment may save you as a rider.