It is difficult to stay calm when another driver on the road upsets us. However, road rage can lead to fatal consequences if dealt with the wrong way. An angry driver is more prone to accidents because of their extreme emotional state and potential disregard for safety on the road. Follow these tips to remain a calm and safe driver:

Safely move out of the way if a driver is tailgating you.

Many times if another driver is tailgating, they are eager for the car in front of them to get out of the way. Instead of becoming angry, if it is safe, move over to let the driver pass. It is important to have patience with other vehicles on the road for safety reasons. Although tailgating is not a safe practice, be sure to recognize this behavior and move over accordingly, as long as it is safe to proceed into the next lane.

Listen to calming music to avoid exacerbating the anger.

Listening to calming music can help soothe anger caused by another driver. Putting on music you like will help to diffuse the anger and will help you take control of your emotions. It is necessary to stay calm during these stressful driving situations for the best interest of the driver and passengers.

Pull over to recollect your thoughts and emotions.

If the road rage becomes too overwhelming, the best solution is to pull over and relax. It is imperative that drivers do not operate a vehicle while they are in a stressful state of mind. By removing yourself from the situation, you will become more relaxed and able to recollect your thoughts. There are many negative consequences of road rage, and drivers must take responsibility and actively avoid them if they feel road rage starting.

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