Beginning June 22, 2018, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department initiated a Motorcycle safety operation designed to reduce motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities in Santa Clarita. In collisions with cars and trucks, motorcyclists find themselves vulnerable to forces greater than their own control. As such, officers will look for unsafe behavior that increases the likelihood of a collision. Data collected from accidents in California indicates there are several leading factors that lead to motorcycle accidents. Speeding impaired driving or riding as well as unsafe turning practices can lead to significant property damage or injury.

When riding, maintaining visibility with drivers on the road is paramount to your defensive driving. This means you should always use your position to in traffic to increase your visibility of your surroundings as well as your visibility to the drivers around you. Using a headlight throughout the day is another way you can increase your visibility to other drivers. Avoid unnecessary lane changes and only make lane changes when you have a safe distance to do so. Understand your limits as a rider and never operate your bike in unsafe conditions for your level. Only ride when you can safely wear a DoT approved helmet and always wear safe clothing.