A French startup, Gloria Factory, strives to create customizable motorcycles for a younger audience who is interested in high fashion. “Gloria Factory is trying to turn the traditional motorcycle marketing on its head by targeting a younger ridership who are more interested in fashion and customization – many of whom have never even ridden a motorcycle before” (Electrek.co).

Gloria Factory takes an unorthodox approach to motorcycle marketing.

Gloria Factory is inspired by high technology in an attractive motorcycle body. Their marketing approach is based on fashion, rather than on the love for motorcycles themselves. This company has 60% women customers due to its concentration on high fashion. Many of their clientele has never owned a motorcycle before this one. Gloria Factory is creating a whole new love for motor vehicles.

Gloria’s social media following is growing by the day.

This company has a strong social media presence, which is essential for startup companies today. Their Instagram presence helps customers to see exactly what this company is about in an engaging, interesting way through social media. This trendy brand is gaining a social media following more than some more established motorcycle brands. This is due to their constant social media presence and growing interest in motorcycles from a new audience, predominantly women who are now interested in these high fashion, high speed vehicles.

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