Malcom James McCormick, best known by his artist name, Mac Miller, was recently charged with DUI following his accident in Los Angeles on May 17th. While initial booked as a hit and run, Malcom was never charged for hit and run following the collision. Malcom acknowledged he made a “stupid mistake.” According to the L.A. City Attorney’s office, Miller recorded a reading greater than 0.08 BAC after running from the scene of the collision. In the collision in which his vehicle struck a utility pole, no injuries were reported from neither Malcom, nor his 2 passengers.

While it is unclear why he may have been under the influence while driving, it is clear that he should be thankful that everybody lived through the traumatic accident. Drunk drivers can cause some the deadliest accidents for themselves, their passengers, pedestrians and anyone else sharing the road with them. Erratic behavior coupled with poor reaction times is a recipe for disaster and traumatic injury. If you plan to have a drink, plan a ride home. With countless ride sharing apps, public transit, and taxi services at your disposal, there is never a need to drive intoxicated. If you suspect someone is driving under the influence, pull over and report them; you may save someone’s life.