Oftentimes, when a driver strikes a motorcyclist, one of the first comments that the motorist will make when questioned by police about what occurred is that they didn’t see the biker before crashing into them. If you’re wondering how this could be possible, then there are some valid explanations.

All drivers rely on their eyes as the primary method for noticing and avoiding other motorists on the roadway. While many of us would like to assume that our eyes function similarly to cameras, they don’t. Instead, they receive images are that our brain must process before they become as crisp as they ultimately are. This process has to occur before we register seeing someone pull out in front of us and any other distractions while out driving.

Another important point about our eyes that we should keep in mind is that they’re constantly blinking. Whether we notice it or not, they are constantly snapping new images of what’s going on in front of us or are trying to piece all the moving parts together for a clearer, bigger picture.

All of this goes to explain why motorcyclists often aren’t seen by motorists. If we think of our entire field of vision, a biker that is fast approaching from some distance away is a very tiny image along a much larger plane that our eye has to look at and interpret.

If a motorcyclist is coming toward us at an excessive rate of speed, then it’s even possible that our brain won’t register that image until the biker is right upon us.

The eyes and brain also process information differently depending on whether our environment is familiar or foreign. If we know it well, then our eyes may not notice all the intricacies around us.

If it’s foreign, it may be processing so much info that it doesn’t have the ability to pick up on the smaller pieces such as pedestrians, bicyclists or motorbikes.

The brain becomes less detail-oriented in each of these situations as a way to conserve its ability to process things.

Some of the more common reasons motorcyclists are struck at intersections or during lane changes are because drivers don’t see them. If you’ve been hurt in such a crash, then you’ll appreciate having a veteran motorcycle accident attorney representing you who will do what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.