Ethan Dolan from the popular YouTube channel, Dolan Twins, was involved in a motorcycle accident. While Ethan has explained that he is “completely fine,” he was hospitalized over the weekend of August 4. Following the accident, Ethan tweeted, “Not riding again, don’t worry I’m very much over it.” The Dolan Twins have 6.1 million subscribers and Ethan has more than 7 million followers on Instagram. In a photo his brother tweeted out, Ethan appeared to have minor bruising and large cut on his left hand.

Motorcycle accidents tend have trauma even at lower speeds because the operator is exposed to outside elements. For this reason, motorcyclists should always ride defensively and anticipate the movements of other drivers. Riding with properly fitted protective gear may reduce the severity of head injuries, road rash and even broken bones in the case of an unavoidable accident. If you are ever involved in a motorcycle collision, seek immediate medical attention to address your injuries. Following an accident, many victims must take time away from work to recover from injuries sustained in the accident. Always ride safely and wear protective gear.