Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a new law that removed the requirement for adults to wear a helmet when operating an electric scooter under 35 miles per hour. While riding electric scooters on sidewalks is still prohibited, many California residents are concerned this deregulation may increase the growing number of electric scooter related injuries in California emergency rooms. Others believe the regulation was unnecessary in the first place as adults can already legally ride a bicycle without a helmet. Regardless of how you may see the regulation, it will always be safest to wear a properly fitted helmet when operating a scooter or bicycle.

How To Operate & Ride Safely At All Times

Without a helmet, you increase your risk for traumatic brain injury or death when operating an electric scooter or bicycle. Injuries while riding can occur from collisions with pedestrians, potholes, other cyclists or electric scooter operators and motor vehicles. While riding, look out for changing road conditions and maintain safe distances between yourself and other vehicles on the road. If a driver is tailgating you on a scooter, move safely to avoid a potentially catastrophic accident. A collision with a distracted driver can be traumatic so caution should be used when approaching an intersection or passing a vehicle.