After shutting down operations in protest of an unfavorable city council decision, Bird and Lime were selected for the exclusive pilot program in Santa Monica. Jump, Lyft, Lime and Bird will now be allowed to operate a limited number of scooters during the pilot program. Lime and Bird will operate 750 scooter each while Uber and Jump will operate 250 scooters. The number of scooters each company can operate can increase over time as the scooters prove to be handled responsibly. Whether or not these numbers will be too low to prove effective or too high to make a difference in public safety remains to be seen.

Creating reasonable and effective regulations for dockless scooters has proven difficult for cities around the country. The city of Santa Monica has set aside sidewalk space for people to park their dockless scooters without impeding public access. Additionally, the Santa Monica Police Department has even made a public safety video informing the public of safe practice while riding. Ideally, the inclusion of these scooters, bikes etc… is to reduce congestion and limit traffic accidents. Creating well-designed infrastructure for safe pedestrian access and public transit will all be important in developing Los Angeles into a less congested city.