One of the scariest occurrences that motorcyclists hope will never happen to them is for a motorist to make a left turn out in front of them. When this occurs, it often results in fatal consequences. There are proactive measures that motorcyclists can take to avoid these types of crashes, though.

Perhaps the best course of action that a motorcyclist can take to avoid this type of crash is to constantly scan traffic for potential motorists in opposing lanes that may make a left turn right in front of them.

If they see a motorist that appears to be intent on turning in front of them, then they should immediately make plans to avoid it. One of the best courses of action is for them to swerve around the rear of the motorist’s car without crossing the center line into oncoming traffic.

Even if it appears that a motorist sees a motorcyclist approaching, it’s still important for them to proceed with caution as they may change their mind. Even if one motorist stops, the person behind them may be less patient and try to go around them.

When a traffic light is about to change, motorists may be more apt to try to push through an intersection without giving themselves much time or space. Motorcyclists need to remain vigilant for these types of drivers as well.

In some cases, a motorcyclist may be better off trying to apply their brake to avoid an imminent crash. They should be careful in doing because it may cause their anti-lock brake system (ABS) to lockup. While it’s not ideal if it does, heading into a crash at a reduced speed is likely to result in less severe injuries than if they were traveling significantly faster.

The impact of a speeding motorbike crashing into a vehicle is often so forceful that it results in a biker’s serious injuries or immediate death. This is why left-turn accidents are perhaps the most dreaded type of crash that a motorcyclist can become involved in.

When it comes to holding negligent drivers accountable for their failure to yield to motorcyclists at intersections, you’ll want to entrust your case to a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney who has success in resolving cases favorably for their clients.