A male bicyclist was struck and killed in Lancaster at roughly 6 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, August 25. The incident occurred near the intersection of Stanridge Avenue and Avenue K.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators who responded to the crash conducted a thorough analysis of the crash scene. While there, they spoke with the motorist who is alleged to have caused the crash, along with other witnesses.

The information that witnesses provided left investigators with many questions. That same day, the Sheriff’s Department issued a press release requesting that any individuals who may have seen what occurred that fateful day to reach out to them.

Statements gathered from witnesses at the crash scene place the decedent riding his bicycle in the westbound Avenue K bike lane immediately before the incident occurred. The motorist who allegedly struck the bicyclist was also riding in the same direction along Avenue K when he made contact with him.

In the press release, police noted that they’re having difficulty in understanding why the motorist swerved, causing him to enter the bicycle lane. It’s there that he reportedly made contact with the rear portion of the decedent’s bike.

The impact of the crash caused the bicyclist to be hurled over the handlebars of his bike. He was left with significant blunt force injuries as a result. Paramedics arriving at the crash scene quickly transported the man to an area hospital, but he died soon after being admitted there.

In the statement released by the Sheriff’s Department, they noted that they don’t believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in causing the crash. They did note that they believe speed could have been a contributing factor.

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