Kawasaki has released the new Ninja ZX-10R with higher speed and more power than ever before. In hopes of keeping their title as World Superbike, this motorcycle has a valve train that allows for a harder, longer rev of the engine.

This bike is for the serious track riders and racers.

For those motorcycle riders who are serious about speed and racing, this one’s for you. The new Kawasaki bike has a higher speed and higher power than the previous models. Although this bike is great for racing, its road performance will be similar to the other models. The special valves created for this bike are not intended for casual road riding, but more so geared towards the serious track and race riders.

The increase in power in the new model is due to a valve actuation system.

This design of the bike allows for a larger range of motion in the valves. In turn, this will cause a faster power gain for 2019.

“With production limited to 500 numbered units worldwide, the Ninja ZX-10RR is the most hardcore version of the bike. It features technical upgrades that include the adoption of exclusive Pankl lightweight titanium connecting rods which not only save in excess of 400g compared to the standard rod set (decreasing the crankshaft moment of inertia by 5 percent) they also increase the rev limit by 600rpm and increasing the ZX-10RR power to a figure of 204PS without Ram-Air.

Additionally front and rear suspension settings are now revised taking into account the change in crankshaft inertia. Along with this, the motorcycle range will offer bi-directional quickshifter as standard across variants” (News18.com).

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