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Motorcycle crashes are heaviest during rush hour and dusk

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Motorcyclists don't enjoy the protection of a shell around them as motorists do. Their smaller size is no match for larger and heavier cars and trucks. Their narrow profile makes it difficult for many drivers to see them as well. When motorcycle crashes are discussed, though, one risk factor that's rarely mentioned is the day of the week and time these crashes are most apt to occur.

Bus Accident on I-405 Injures 40

On Sunday October 14th, all southbound traffic came to a screeching halt following a massive bus accident. Of the 40 victims injured in the accident, 25 were taken to local hospitals via ambulance and 5 injured victims were taken in critical condition. When the bus came to rest, it was positioned across 4 lanes of traffic. Additionally, the collision had removed a section of the cement median separating southbound from northbound traffic. All southbound lanes were restored shortly after the debris had been removed from the freeway.

Are Bike Lanes on Winnetka Avenue the Solution?

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has proposed bike lanes to a stretch of Winnetka Avenue with hopes of connecting bike paths and neighborhoods. With proponents and opponents of the bike lane additions vocal on the matter, Los Angeles Department of Transportation has remained open to suggestion. While proponents claim that Los Angeles communities need to recognize cyclists as having equal access to the road, opponents cite the traffic in morning commutes. Currently, the bike path ends short of the LA River Bike path as well as Pierce College and the Orange Line. Additionally, LADOT has considered adding a controlled pedestrian crossing on Gilmore and Winnetka.

How the extended purple line will change the way you see LA

Connecting Westwood to Downtown Los Angeles via metro has been difficult to develop. The 720 runs the length of Wilshire but is easily clogged by heavy traffic during commute hours. In first developments, Santa Monica Boulevard was initially proposed to have a freeway component to it. While this would allow for faster car traffic, the idea was ultimately nixed. In place of the freeway however, Los Angeles Department of Transportation looks to extend the purple line to Westwood, even west of the 405. While the extensions and tunneling will be done in three phases, the last two phases are slated to be finished before the opening of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Tips for choosing a bike helmet that may save your life

The impact that the use of a helmet can have on protecting an individual from injuries or death has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. This is especially the case as researchers have learned more about the lasting impact that concussions can have on an individual's life.

When should I be treated at the hospital after a bike crash?

Right after you're involved in a crash, the adrenaline coursing through your veins can prevent you from knowing whether you've been seriously hurt. While you may think that your injuries aren't severe enough to need an ambulance summoned, it's always good to get checked out by a doctor after a crash. It's also important that you go to your nearest emergency room right away if you start experiencing certain symptoms.

A Hesperia woman is arrested for a Sept. 12 motorcyclist's death

A 31-year-old Hesperia woman was taken into custody on Oct. 4 on manslaughter charges. Police believe that she is responsible for causing a 29-year-old motorcyclist's death that occurred at the intersection of Cottonwood Avenue and Main Street on Sept. 12 right before 7:50 p.m.

A DUI on an Electric Bird or Lime Scooter is still a DUI

Riding drunk on an electric scooter is not only against the law, it is also extremely dangerous for everyone involved. Age 28, Nicholas Kauffroath was convicted of DUI for a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit while riding an electric scooter. Kauffroath was apprehended by LAPD after knocking down a 64 year old pedestrian in West Los Angeles. Fortunately, the victim only suffered an abrasion on the knee; however, the injuries could have been significantly worse for both parties.

Green-Marked Bike Lanes Continue to Expand in Santa Monica

Santa Monica continues to expand the mileage of green bike lanes with upcoming street renovations. Two major projects in particular, 17th street and Michigan Avenue look to improve bicyclist safety as well as pedestrian safety. High visibility green bike lanes will be added as well as lighting to improve twilight and nighttime visibility of pedestrians. These improvements work in tandem with the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate all traffic fatalities as well as protect the increased number of pedestrians along 17th street and Michigan Avenue. These projects have yet to be finalized and construction will ideally commence in 2020.

Second E-Scooter Fatality in the Month of September

Following Lime's announcement of facilitating 11 million rides to its shared scooter userbase, a Washington D.C. man was killed while riding a Lime electric scooter in Dupont Circle. He was struck by an SUV and had to be extricated from the undercarriage of the vehicle following the accident. After sustaining life threatening and critical injuries, the victim passed away. Following the incident, DC Fire and EMS posted a short video of the extraction in progress.

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