Riding drunk on an electric scooter is not only against the law, it is also extremely dangerous for everyone involved. Age 28, Nicholas Kauffroath was convicted of DUI for a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit while riding an electric scooter. Kauffroath was apprehended by LAPD after knocking down a 64 year old pedestrian in West Los Angeles. Fortunately, the victim only suffered an abrasion on the knee; however, the injuries could have been significantly worse for both parties.

The Rules of the Road Apply to E-Scooters Too

As more people make use of the rentable shared electric scooters all over Los Angeles, we need to understand the rules that govern these personal transportation devices. Kauffroath was riding the motorized scooter on the sidewalk when the accident occurred. It is important to understand the rules of riding scooters are designed to protect both the rider and pedestrians. When riding on the sidewalk, vehicles making right or left turns may not see you until it is too late to avoid the collision. Additionally, while on a personal transportation device, it is important to obey all traffic signs and signals. Running a stop sign can result in serious injury if a vehicle in the intersection fails to notice you. For those who ride electric scooters, please follow the rules of the road and ride safely.