The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has proposed bike lanes to a stretch of Winnetka Avenue with hopes of connecting bike paths and neighborhoods. With proponents and opponents of the bike lane additions vocal on the matter, Los Angeles Department of Transportation has remained open to suggestion. While proponents claim that Los Angeles communities need to recognize cyclists as having equal access to the road, opponents cite the traffic in morning commutes. Currently, the bike path ends short of the LA River Bike path as well as Pierce College and the Orange Line. Additionally, LADOT has considered adding a controlled pedestrian crossing on Gilmore and Winnetka.

Cars vs. People

The community disagreement over infrastructure development is not unique to this Woodland Hills neighborhood. Commuter traffic is a tangible issue that can change people’s daily lives. The issue of cyclist safety and commuter efficiency has been brought up in various South Bay neighborhoods as well as various areas of Santa Monica. If the city of Los Angeles continues to make pedestrian and cyclist safety the number one concern in road infrastructure development, public perception and public transit must change. Without safe and effective public transportation, people will continue to commute via automobile, thus perpetuating the ever-growing traffic problem.