On Sunday October 14th, all southbound traffic came to a screeching halt following a massive bus accident. Of the 40 victims injured in the accident, 25 were taken to local hospitals via ambulance and 5 injured victims were taken in critical condition. When the bus came to rest, it was positioned across 4 lanes of traffic. Additionally, the collision had removed a section of the cement median separating southbound from northbound traffic. All southbound lanes were restored shortly after the debris had been removed from the freeway.

Serious Consequences

Charter and public bus accidents can be devastating for everyone involved in the collision. Pedestrians, other drivers, riders, cyclists and passengers of the bus can all be severely injured in the case of a collision. When driving, riding or biking near a bus, you should understand that their blind spots and braking distances are significantly different from yours. Avoid cutting off buses at all costs and consider your location when a bus driver signals for a lane change. If you are involved in a bus accident, public or private, seek medical assistance as necessary and document the accident scene as best as possible. Your safety should always be your priority following a motor vehicle accident.

More info: https://abc7news.com/bus-crash-in-los-angeles-injures-40-people-shuts-down-freeway-lanes/4483784/