Santa Monica continues to expand the mileage of green bike lanes with upcoming street renovations. Two major projects in particular, 17th street and Michigan Avenue look to improve bicyclist safety as well as pedestrian safety. High visibility green bike lanes will be added as well as lighting to improve twilight and nighttime visibility of pedestrians. These improvements work in tandem with the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate all traffic fatalities as well as protect the increased number of pedestrians along 17th street and Michigan Avenue. These projects have yet to be finalized and construction will ideally commence in 2020.

Progress For Transportation Alternatives

How cities invest in pedestrian and cyclist safety has been a hot button topic in Los Angeles for a while now. Road diets proved extremely un-popular among many commuters who saw their commutes double virtually overnight. However, many of these changes are important to developing the look term health of our neighborhoods. Without safe pedestrian access across neighborhoods, our traffic problems will only continue to worsen. Many refuse to commute via bike or other personal transportation device due to the lack of protections for cyclists. Hopefully, these developments will increase the pedestrian safety of those neighborhoods and allow other cities to develop similarly effective solutions.