Connecting Westwood to Downtown Los Angeles via metro has been difficult to develop. The 720 runs the length of Wilshire but is easily clogged by heavy traffic during commute hours. In first developments, Santa Monica Boulevard was initially proposed to have a freeway component to it. While this would allow for faster car traffic, the idea was ultimately nixed. In place of the freeway however, Los Angeles Department of Transportation looks to extend the purple line to Westwood, even west of the 405. While the extensions and tunneling will be done in three phases, the last two phases are slated to be finished before the opening of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

While this extension of the purple line will come at steep cost to the city, Measure M was designed to fund part of the developments through increased sales taxes. When all is said and done, a ride from the VA hospital to downtown Los Angeles will take a little under 30 minutes. With developments in ride-share technology and automated driving, it is hard to imagine what the transit scene will look like in Los Angeles. Hopefully, the investment in public transportation systems will pay off in reduced traffic congestion and fatalities.