Following Lime’s announcement of facilitating 11 million rides to its shared scooter userbase, a Washington D.C. man was killed while riding a Lime electric scooter in Dupont Circle. He was struck by an SUV and had to be extricated from the undercarriage of the vehicle following the accident. After sustaining life threatening and critical injuries, the victim passed away. Following the incident, DC Fire and EMS posted a short video of the extraction in progress.

Los Angeles is Moving To Adapt

As more people choose to commute with electric scooters, bicycles and other personal mobility devices, city infrastructure must continue to adapt. Los Angeles’ highways and commercial city blocks suffer from terrible traffic congestion and the situation continues to worsen every year. Placing more bike lanes on busy streets may be a nice start to curb the problem but these solutions only work if people buy in to it. Without safe streets, cyclists and electric scooter commuters will either continue to use the sidewalk for safety or avoid busy streets entirely. While riding on the sidewalk is illegal, countless riders do so for fear of being hit by a larger and faster vehicle. When driving, always give cyclists other personal mobility device riders at least 3 feet of room. In doing so, you may save someone’s life.