Lane splitting has been legal in California for about two years. Motorcycles are allowed to drive in between the spaces of cars and trucks on the road, without legal consequence.

Lane splitting can be dangerous if it’s not done properly

Although this is ideal for motorcycle drivers, lane splitting can be incredibly dangerous. California state legislation has released a guide for motorcyclists to follow in order to use this driving technique carefully. The guide comes complete with safety tips for the motorcycle drivers, and the rules of lane splitting. Safety reminders are essential for motorcyclists because they are at a greater risk of getting into a collision when practicing lane splitting.

Drivers, look out for the motorcyclists in your lane

It is imperative for drivers to be aware that lane splitting is legal, and they should expect it to happen if there are motorcycles near them on the road. All drivers may not be used to this, and they may not be aware that motorcyclists are actually allowed to drive in between the empty spaces on the road. Drivers must be cautious at all times, especially when there are smaller vehicles, like motorcycles, that can be difficult to spot.

Motorcyclists, make sure you are visible to other vehicles

Motorcycles often go unnoticed on the road, or are noticed when it’s too late and a collision is about to occur. To practice lane splitting safely and effectively, make sure you are visible to other vehicles on the road. Do not ride in other drivers’ blind spots, and be cautious when entering the same lane as another vehicle. Keep in mind that the vehicle may not expect you to be there, so you must ride with caution.

If you have been injured…

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