While Los Angeles city council has established a set of regulations for shared electric scooter and the city of Santa Monica has initiated its trial period, Loyola Marymount University has tried to form its own regulations. Prior to the first meeting of its committee dedicated to determining the safe use of shared electric scooters, the University has temporarily banned shared scooters campus wide. The committee meeting was first scheduled for October 5th, yet no change in policy has been announced. Hampton Cantrell, Chief of the Department of Public Safety at Loyola Marymount explained that, “Safety is our top priority. We want to make sure campus safety can be maintained before issuing a final policy.”

Creating a policy that promotes safe use and storage of shared bikes and scooters is important for students and faculty alike. Pedestrian traffic around Loyola Marymount and other Los Angeles Universities is extremely high, so maintaining pedestrian safety is of critical importance when developing rules for all to follow. Additionally, the university may want to consider enforcing rules to ensure ease of access for emergency service vehicles. Hopefully, these rules will make LMU a safer campus.