If you were trying to get home for the dodger game on October 23rd, you have been stuck in some horrendous traffic. In Agoura Hills, a World War II mock fighter plane crash landed on the 101 freeway, bringing all northbound and southbound lanes to a standstill. While Firefighters arrived on scene at 1:50 p.m., all lanes on the 101 freeway were re-opened before 6 p.m. At this time, it remains unclear if fire fighters rescued the pilot or the pilot self-extricated following the crash. Regardless, nobody was injured in the incident, despite the fiery crash. Details regarding who the pilot is or how they lost control of the plane have not yet been released.

Highway Driving 101

For anyone driving on the 101 at the time of the incident, this incident must have been terrifying. Given how the plane fell out of the sky onto the freeway, it is surprising that no accidents were caused as drivers attempted to avoid the pilots’ crash landing. In attempt to avoid one accident, drivers may cause another collision inadvertently. As such, it is important to survey all lanes of traffic when driving. A potential accident on one side of the freeway can result in a dangerous collision for others on the freeway.