Avid motorcycle riders often suffer from loss of hearing, and ringing in the ears. To prevent this, it is important for riders to wear earplugs to prevent the noise from the bike and other vehicles on the road from damaging hearing.

Why do motorcyclists suffer from hearing loss?

Many motorcyclists suffer from hearing loss because they are exposed to all of the sounds of the road. In a car, the driver is shielded from the loud sounds on the road, whereas a motorcycle driver is completely exposed to them. The sound of the motorcycle is loud by itself, and combined with all of the other vehicles on the road, it takes a toll on the motorcyclist’s eardrums.

The wind from riding at high speeds on motorcycles affects the rider’s hearing greatly. It is one of the main reasons riders suffer from hearing loss. “As it turns out, wind rushing around the rider is the biggest source of noise experienced by most motorcyclists, assaulting your ears with everything from booming low-frequency vibrations to whistling high-frequency noise” (MotorcyclistOnline.com). The variations in sound from the wind cause the rider’s hearing to deteriorate.

There are various different types of hearing protection devices for motorcycle riders

A motorcycle rider can find different types of hearing loss prevention devices in the market. There are Decibullz, a custom molded ear plug that when put in hot water, will become malleable and will mold to the shape of the motorcyclist’s ear. For a cheaper option, there are Radians, which are simply a pair of putties that can be molded into the driver’s ear. Although this is not custom molded, this option is less expensive, and also reusable like the Decibullz. Another inexpensive and effective option is Howard Leight Laser Lite foam plugs. These lightweight foam ear plugs make for an easy insertion, and are fairly comfortable due to their lightweight nature. If you are an avid motorcycle rider, be sure to purchase one of these hearing loss prevention devices to protect your ears while riding.

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