If you ask a bicyclist about how many times that they’ve had a close call or full-out crash while riding their bike in Los Angeles, they’ll likely tell you that it’s happened more than once before. While they may have walked away unscathed from most of them, they’ll probably say how at least one crashes left them with severe injuries. They may all tell different stories about what they did after being struck.

In case you’re unsure what you should do after a bike crash, the most important thing is to get out of the middle of the street if you can. Motorists generally drive with their eyes on the road ahead of them. Depending on how far ahead an object in the roadway is in front of them, they may not notice you or anything else lying on the ground and strike you again if you don’t.

You shouldn’t assume that just because you were able to get out of the roadway that you’re not hurt. That post-crash rush of adrenaline that takes over your body may affect your ability to assess how severe your injuries are. Once you calm down, you may realize that something doesn’t feel right.

If you’re unable to bear weight on a particular part of your body, then you may readily know that you have a broken bone. There are instances in which you may not have noticeable symptoms, yet have a serious condition. By the time you’re diagnosed with a brain bleed, for example, you may be in dire straits. This is why it’s always important for you to get checked out by a physician after any bike crash.

It’s important for you to summons the police to the crash scene and to take pictures of the scene, your bike and injuries.

They’ll be able to document what occurred and help facilitate the exchange of information, such as the negligent motorist’s name, contact details, license number and insurance coverage. They may be able to locate witnesses that can attest to what occurred as well.

Victims who aren’t aware of the steps to take after a bicycle accident often end up being left on the hook to pay their medical bills themselves. An attorney can advise you whether you’re entitled to reimbursement of those expenses and other damages.