Whether it’s because of their difference in size or some other factor, motorists tend to treat motorcyclists very differently from others out on the road with them. One time in which motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to getting hit and suffering severe injuries is when they make left turns.

Motorists who come up to intersections controlled by signals may think that they can simply turn on green without any consequence. They should still scan the intersection to make sure that it’s safe to continue through it, though.

Motorists that come up to those intersections that aren’t controlled by traffic lights should always yield to motorcyclists and others that they share the roadway with.

Many California drivers who end up colliding with motorcyclists at intersections do so for two reasons. They either make a left turn without yielding to the other motorcycle rider’s right of way as they continue through an intersection. Drivers also fail to look in the direction of where they’re turning and collide with motorcyclists making right-hand turns.

When asked to describe what events led up to a motorist crashing into a motorcyclist in these instances, drivers in Los Angeles will often cite how a motorcycle is considerably smaller than a vehicle.

They often point out how they anticipated the motorcyclist would finish their turn a lot faster than they did. This is the main reason that motorists who strike motorcyclists making right turns often clip them as they’re in the middle of them.

One reason that intersection crashes often result in serious injuries or a motorcyclist’s death is that motorists are generally traveling at a decent rate of speed as they’re coming at a slow-moving, unprotected motorcycle rider making a turn. An attorney can help you file a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one in a crash.