1. The cost to increase UM/UIM Coverage is generally inexpensive

You can often add UM/UIM coverage for a nominal amount, usually just a few dollars a month! A few dollars a month can give you peace of mind that you will always be protected if ever involved in an auto or motorcycle accident. If you are ever hit by an uninsured motorist, your medical expenses, lost wages and the like will be taken care of.

2. The chance from collecting from an uninsured motorist is very rare

If a person hits you and is uninsured or lacks adequate insurance, chances are, that person also has no personal assets or money to offer you for any of your injuries. When people have assets or make a decent amount of money, they generally will get insurance to adequately protect their assets. Whereas people without assets have little to nothing to lose. Thus, if you are ever involved in an accident with someone with low or no insurance, they likely will not have any assets to go after to get compensated for your injuries.

3. California Has Very Low Liability Limits

California has very low mandates for liability coverage, $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident. Therefore, if you get into a collision, and your medical expenses exceed the $15,000, you are out of luck. This is very low in comparison to other states. Most people that are not privy to the risks of not adequately protecting oneself opts for the lowest cost option which is the lowest coverage. Therefore, most drivers are driving around with this minimum coverage, despite the high costs of living and medicine in California.

4. The number of uninsured motorists in Southern California is on the rise!

As noted in other articles provided on our blog, the research is clear that the overall rate of uninsured drivers is on the rise. Many people cannot afford insurance or intimidated by the perceived costs of insurance. As a result, people opt not to get insurance. This is dangerous not only for them but for the drivers they come into contact with. Unfortunately, you can not trust others on the road to have insurance!

5. UM/UIM is not limited to motor vehicle accidents

If you have UM/UIM coverage and you are a pedestrian hit on the street or some other personal injury accident, your UM/UIM coverage will kick in and cover you there. Recently our firm was contacted by a pedestrian hit by a stolen vehicle that lacked insurance. Sadly, this pedestrian did not have UM/UIM coverage but if he had, this coverage would have kicked in.