Just last year, a study published in a bicycling magazine referred to Los Angeles as being one of the worst cities for biking in the entire United States. The data that researchers reviewed before reaching that conclusion is staggering.

The author pointed out how 180 bike riders lost their lives after being struck by car drivers during the five years prior to the study’s 2018 publication. He noted that during the three-year period between 2014 and 2016, there had only been three states that had more bicyclist fatalities than Los Angeles County. These states were California, Florida and New York.

Researchers with the University of Southern California reviewed the records for these crashes and found that many of those that weren’t fatal did result in broken bones. Of 1,458 cases that they reviewed, 1,140, or 78 percent of the victims ended up with lower or upper extremity fractures.

At least 44 percent of these injuries resulted from a bicyclist being struck by a car, but not hard enough to be thrown off their bike. Another 26 percent of the crashes resulted in the bicyclist being struck so forcefully that it caused them to be ejected from it.

An investigation conducted by CBS Los Angeles revealed that the city had only begun looking into adding bike lanes after it shelled out $19 million in 2017 to settle bicycle injury and fatality cases that had occurred on city streets.

Some of the most common accidents between cars and bicycles happen when motorists are making left or right turns, opening their car doors or running red lights. Others simply happen because a driver doesn’t respect a bike rider’s right of way. When you’ve been seriously hurt in a crash, let an attorney give you personalized attention and service to handle your case, so you can refocus your attention on your recovery.