The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station performed a safety operation on March 25. Officers focused on educating motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists about steps that they can take to stay safe. They also let them know their responsibilities and reminded them of the traffic rules that they’re supposed to follow. By the end of the 10-hour operation, 34 individuals had been cited for various traffic laws violations.

Bicyclists who were stopped were cited for not having stopped at traffic lights or stop signs or for riding down the incorrect side of the road among other infractions.

Several pedestrians were cited for offenses such as failing to yield to a motorist who had the right of way and J-walking.

Some of the most common violations that motorists were cited for that day included failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, making illegal turns, speeding and failing to stop for stop signs or lights.

The reason that the sheriff’s office set up the operation is in an attempt to curb pedestrian and bicycle fatalities that they argue are increasing in the area at an alarming rate.

A press release issued about the sheriff’s office shows that there has been an increase in bicycle fatalities by 25 percent during the past five years. The number of pedestrian fatalities has gone up by as much as 33 percent since 2012. Data published by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department shows that 1,052 bicyclists or pedestrians were injured or killed in car crashes just last year.

They note that motorists need to pay closer attention to pedestrians and bicyclists when driving and abstain from using their phones. They note that bike riders need to always wear their helmets and that pedestrians need to always wear reflective clothing and take caution when crossing the road.

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