A motorcycle officer with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was struck and killed by a drunk driver on April 6. The incident occurred just before 4:30 p.m. as the CHP officer officer was traveling through Lake Elsinore on the 15 Freeway.

Representatives with both the Riverside County Fire Department and CHP noted that the officer had been traveling along the 15 Freeway just north of Nichols Road when he was struck. Just a few minutes prior, he’d pulled over a motorist along the roadway’s shoulder. It’s then that a reckless driver fast approached and crashed into him. He was later taken into police custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

The sergeant that was struck had been a member of the CHP for more than 27 years. He died instantly from the crash.

As for the motorists who were in the vehicle that he had stopped, they too suffered injuries. They were transported to the Inland Valley Regional Medical Center in an undisclosed condition.

The southbound lanes of the 15 Freeway remained closed for more than 11 hours as officers continued their investigation into the cause of the crash. It’s unclear if the alleged drunk motorist will be charged with additional crimes for the officer’s death.

With such heavy traffic and fast speeds, California freeways are already dangerous. When combined with drunk driving, this makes for a potentially deadly result. Individuals who have a loved one who’s been killed by a negligent Los Angeles driver should reach out to an attorney. They will work diligently to see that justice is delivered in your case.