A bicyclist was struck and killed by a truck driver in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles on May 31. That hit-and-run motorist who caused the crash fled the scene after the fatal accident occurred. On June 3, a spokesperson with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had announced that they’d identified the trucker involved in the accident. They noted that they’d been in contact with him.

Video captured by surveillance cameras in the area shows how a Maywood area resident was struck by the tires of a large 40-foot box truck. This happened while he was out riding his bicycle on the shoulder of a Boyle Heights roadway on the evening of May 31. The video then shows him lose control of his bike. He’s then run over by the truck.

The video also shows that the trucker makes no attempt to stop to see what happened. Fortunately, another driver who had witnessed what occurred followed the trucker. They were able to snap pictures of his license plate. Surveillance cameras captured images of the tag as well. LAPD officers were able to plug into their system to identify the truck’s owner. They led police to the driver.

Police still haven’t confirmed whether the trucker is aware that he struck anyone. They believe that he may have continued driving because he had no reason to believe that he had done so. It’s unclear if they will ultimately press charges against the man for his role in causing the bicyclist’s death.

It’s dangerous any time that a bicyclist shares the road with vehicles. It’s particularly difficult for truckers to see bicyclists since they sit so high up off the ground. If there is heavy traffic or decreased visibility because it’s nighttime, it can make a bike rider even more vulnerable to getting hit. A bicycle accidents attorney can help you prove how a motorist’s negligence resulted in your California loved one’s death.