There’s nothing like taking your motorcycle for a spin on a warm, sunny California day. Now that spring is winding down, and summer starts in a few weeks, you’re probably strategizing about where to go on your next road trip. There are some considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind as you transition from riding your bike in the spring and into the summer.

While we often get our fair share of sunny days during the spring, it rains as well. During these past few months, it’s possible that you’ve gotten caught out on your motorcycle in a torrential downpour.

You probably noticed how water tends to find its way into those tiny little crevices that develop in the asphalt as it settles over time. The moisture often is pulled down toward the ground while the oils rise to the surface making for slippery roadways.

It’s important for you to pull over if you can when it rains. If that’s not possible, then you should greatly reduce your speed as it will take you longer to brake on a wet surface than it will a dry one.

When the hotter temperatures kick in during the summer, it can be tempting to take off on your bike without wearing a helmet or any protective clothing. This is a bad choice to make according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Your exposed skin may become easily burnt and you may become dehydrated, especially if you fail to consume any fluids.

A ventilated jacket can allow for your skin to be protected and for you to get much-needed airflow to it as well. You may also benefit from wearing moisture-wicking undergarments at the peak hours when the sun is out. Wearing any clothing can greatly protect you and your skin if you fall off your bike and make contact with the road as well.

Rainy and hot weather often go hand-in-hand in the late spring and summer. If you take necessary precautions to brake early on wet and oily roads, then this will make you less likely to become involved in a crash. If you protect your skin from the elements, then you’ll feel most comfortable and more focused on your riding.

An attorney can advise you of your right to file suit against a negligent motorist who struck you while you were riding your bike out in Los Angeles.