If you are a local to Los Angeles, surely you have seen these new crosswalks which allows pedestrians to cross in any direction. To some, this may look more dangerous or confusing, however, recent reports suggest this is actually increasing Los Angeles pedestrian safety.

‘Scramble’ To Safety

This intersection design is sometimes referred to as the ‘scramble crosswalk.’ A scramble crosswalk is one where all traffic is stopped simultaneously while pedestrians can cross the intersection in any direction, including diagonally. It has been implemented in numerous locations, however, perhaps a more popular one is the intersection of Hollywood and Highland. Any local knows what a nightmare this intersection can be. Previously, the intersection of Hollywood and Highland averaged 13 crashes a year! It is in part a chaotic intersection due to the overwhelming number of tourists and pedestrians as well as its proximity to the 101 freeway and the Hollywood Bowl. Since it’s installation, there have been zero crashes at this intersection, according to Vision Zero LA.

LA Likely to See More of These Crosswalks

According to an article recently published in LA Magazine, Mayor Garcetti wants similar crosswalks throughout the city, especially downtown. Though scramble crosswalks are still relatively rare in Los Angeles (it is a large city after all), the City of Angeles was one of the early adopter metros to start utilizing these designs. Despite the positive initial results, there remains Angelenos that are not fans and believe this creates even more confusion. Data does not lie, and the first statistics seem to indicate that scramble crosswalks improve safety at intersections and is being increasingly requested by neighbors and business owners.